caticonslite_bm_altWorried About Leaving People Out of Your Wedding?

One of those moments in life that may give you pause is when it comes to the guest list for your wedding. But the reality is that we all have very busy lives and whether or not we attend another celebration — won’t kill us. We will get over it. 

And for those who do make a fuss and don’t understand your desire to elope or plan a small intimate party, they need to chill out. There is no reason that you can’t make everyone feel included even if they didn’t attend the real deal. And those friends should be happy for you and the bliss that you’ve just found, right? If they pout for too long, tell them that you love them and want to them to be an important part of your life, but to please move on! If you’re worried that Aunt Sally isn’t going to approve of your casual barefoot beach wedding, you’re probably right. She might be more comfortable staying home, sending you a nice piece of crystal and getting a phone call or visit next time you’re in town. If you do intend to have a small event, remember to set expectations early. If you start talking to everyone about your impending nuptials (friends and co-workers alike) they may presume that they will be invited. It’s OK to announce that you’re going to have a very small event early on. This will help to eliminate any confusion and hurt feelings.

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