Choosing Your Wedding Location: Dimly Lit & Sophisticated

If a picnic is too casual for you and you’ve always dreamt of something more elegant, then throw a semi-formal cocktail party. Just champagne, cocktails and dessert won’t put you too deeply in debt. Don’t stretch yourself to throw a sit-down dinner if you really can’t afford it. Chances are that you’ll have to cut corners and the event will end up being much less classy that you had intended.


  • Host a cocktail party at your favorite bar the night before and get hitched the next morning during a 50’s style Sunday brunch complete with crepes, pastries, and mimosas.
  • Rent your favorite coffee shop on a Saturday night and order a buffet spread from Eric’s Restaurant in Noe Valley (p. X). Toss in some red carnation bouquets, Chinese lanterns and swags of red fabric and you have elegance at a great price.

The upside of the dimly lit and sophisticated location:

  • Who doesn’t love feeling sexy and glamorous?
  • Dim lights help hide flaws if your favorite speakeasy is a little rough around the edges.
  • An elegant event is just as appropriate during the daylight hours as the night, and are usually much more affordable.

Things to consider:

  • Evening events tend to cost more from location fees, to catering and drinks.
  • If you’re hosting an evening event you are more obligated to serve a full meal. Who hasn’t suffered from the after shock of several strong cocktails and a handful of passed hors d’oeuvres?
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