caticonslite_bm_altThe Myth of the No-Strings-Attached Family Donation

Accept No Money from Your Families = Remarkable Decrease in Overall Stress

Either your family or your spouse-to-be’s family has generously offered to contribute to the wedding budget. Unfortunately, these donations rarely come without strings attached. Whether they pitch in a large or small amount, your parents and in-laws are suddenly entitled to an opinion on every detail. They will inevitably become entangled in the guest list, the flowers, the food. It may seem that a contribution actually increases the overall costs of your wedding, rather than decrease them.

So, if at all possible, we strongly encourage you to foot the bill for your own wedding. If you are lucky enough to fall into the one percent of the population whose families will make an obligation-free gift, then take the money and run.

If your families are frustrated by not being able to invite their own friends and distant family members, then urge them to host their own cocktail or dinner party in your honor back home. They can handle all the details to their own delight and you can simply attend. Every time they ask for your input, tell them to make the decisions. It’s their party. Your parents can invite all of the cousins that you’ve never met before and countless neighbors and odd business acquaintances. All in all, you may not recognize many people at your parent’s party, but they’ll have a great time!

Tell Me Again, Why I Should Pass Up That Extra Cash From My Parents?

  • You will still be on speaking terms with your families after the wedding is over.
  • The guest list will be yours, not theirs.
  • You will be less stressed planning your party without them.
  • And most important, it will be your party, not theirs.
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