caticonslite_bm_altHow Much Should You Spend on Your Wedding?

Have you ever spent $20,000 on a party? $30,000? $50,000? Why is it considered “a bargain” if a couple spends only $15,000 on their wedding? If your best pal spent that much on a birthday party or an anniversary, wouldn’t you think she was insane? Maybe it’s time to take a step back and revise your thinking about what a wedding needs to be. A sit-down dinner for 200 of your parents’ closest friends, and 20 of your own? Lavender napkins and matchbooks printed with the happy couple’s names entwined with fluttering love birds? Maybe not.

You need that special someone to marry, an officiant, a license, a witness and a location, and that is it. You’ve pledged your troth, you need to file a different tax form, your parents have to learn to get along with this tattooed partner they didn’t quite approve of — it is done.

However, we do not deny the need to celebrate and have a great, fun fabulous party. We think all life’s little victories and accomplishments should be celebrated. Your first car, turning 30, buying a new slipcover for that ratty but comfy yard-sale couch. But we wouldn’t suggest spending thousands of dollars, your savings, your future on a few days of celebrating. Just because your credit card company has rewarded you with an outrageous limit doesn’t mean that now is finally the time to use it. Why not spread your hard-earned cash over the next 15 years and spend one thousand each year on a fabulous Texas BBQ hoedown in your backyard? Or, plan a martini mixer on Boxing Day every year? Weddings are about celebrating a long marriage together, so why concentrate so much energy on the very first day.

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