caticonslite_bm_altWedding Case Study: Compare Three Dimly Lit & Sophisticated Wedding Options

June and Jose always assumed that they would throw the classic church and country club wedding like everyone else they knew. It was what Mom and Dad expected. Ultimately, the simplicity and elegance of the old white church and the the country club appealed to them, but the price tag didn’t. What they really wanted was to achieve something simple and sophisticated without having to fork over the cash for the fancy location.

Let’s take a look at what the costs of an average wedding in California might cost, and then compare it to three alternatives:

Case Study: Average Wedding Baseline Costs

Case Study Option #1: The Cliff House (80 people) 

Case Study Option #2: Axis Cafe (150 people)

Case Study Option #3: Liberty Cafe (40 people)

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